Entry: !Today! 1.19.2004

Today was kinda boring, especially considering that tomorrow starts the week of finals! :-/ But i guess its okay cause that means i get out early! yeeee hawwwwwww! I didn't study at all!  Finals don't seem to hard tho! :)  I'll pass all my class!!  I did plenty good during the year! This has been the best half of school year ever!  I don't know wat to do on wednesday and thursday after school! ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA OR WANNA HANG OUT AFTER EITHER DAYS!?  I'm sure we can think of something!! Anyways...  I think that we should all get a group together and go out for lunch!! Anyone up for it?  It would be a blast!  We could go to the Just In Time Diner!! Or if we went on Thursday we could go out for breakfast! That's right! But that's also if you only have a C Block final!  Neways... Today i watched Patch Adams with my sister and my mom, and my sister and my friend, Abby!! ( she's a "cool" junior )  It was such an awesome movie!!  If you haven't seen Patch Adams than you should deffinately think about renting it!! It's about a man, Hunter "Patch" Adams who is suicidal and puts himself into a mental institute, where he helps many of the more "odd" patients figure out some of their problems, and he decides he wants to become a doctor and help people!  Anyways, I'm signing out!! God Bless everyone!! And to yall high schoolers, "GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!"


January 20, 2004   04:08 PM PST
Good luck on your finals Doug...
I gave you the wrong code..sorry it's actually..

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Ok there you go, it should work now

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