Entry: Today 1.21.2004

I deffinately had my first finals today! were so awesome!  They weren't even that hard!!  I could tell that God was watching over me, cause i know i couldn't have done so well on my own.  I'm really happy that I got my World Geography grade for finals back already! ( 89! :) ) I was pretty proud of how well i did, considering that geography has always been my worst subject.  I think that i deserve a good grade in my English final, because i tried so extremely hard in that class :-/ even tho it didnt always seem that way.  I'm hoping to get on the honor roll this quarter, all i have to do is make sure i get all B's, cause i know i have an A or two. Oh and i'm starting to think that if i love someone that might not be worth waiting for isn't someone that i should love :-/ but idk, she seems so absolutely perfect for me, and i wish we could just have a storybook life together :-/ I think that the high school is really good for me, because i'm starting to realize how much effort i really hafta put into life, and to get good grades i hafta work hard :) obviously!  I'm still not so sure wat i wanna be when i grow up, and u may think that i'm only 14, but i also only have 3ish years until i should have an idea of wat i wanna be.  I think i should still be a chef, of i might become a missionary, which we be really good for me :).  All i know is i got a couple more years to find out!! Hope ya injoyed this entry!! God Bless, and good luck to the high schoolers on finals!!! :)


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