Entry: Hey Everyone!!! 1.26.2004

Hey everyone! I haven't written an entry in a while!! Sorry bout that!!  I got my new classes last Friday and they were so awesome!!! I have some awesome teachers! They are all so nice!!! I only have 2 academic classes!! So i won't have like any h/w!! I'm so happy that i got the classes i did! :-/ except for Algebra, EEEK! I dislike math! :-D But neones, leave me some comments on the tag board! God Bless Everyone! ( Steve and Blythe, Best of Luck! :-) )


January 27, 2004   07:22 PM PST
thanks for your support doug:) im glad your finally making an effort....i may not be an assmunch as apparently some people think, but i know that you will find someone so much better for you...

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