Entry: I am Sam, Sam I am 2.26.2004

Yea well last nite was amazing 8-) I was on the fone with LiL S ( Samantha Kelly ) for over 3 hours! :-) she's really cool!  Yea, well she thinks im hilarious :-) i've gotten plenty of brownie points with her so far! :) She's callin me again today! 8-) haha, thanks nick!

Today's gonna be cool, im goin ice skatin at the Y at 11, wit some of mah youth group chums :-D And then at 6 im goin to youth group! I'm gonna wear my cool $9.99 striped suit! haha, its so cool!


*LiL S*
February 26, 2004   01:23 PM PST
Hey *LiL D* ((DOUGLAS)) i cant believe we talked for over 3 hours on the phone last night! and we talked this morning too! thats awesome! thanx for saying that im very prettyful..lol u r too :-)..we really should hangout sumtime..ur so awesome n funny! love yaz!

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