Entry: I haven't posted in awhile 3.14.2004

Yea so i'm still alive! :D i just haven't posted in awhile!  So i went to the movies last night with Kayla and Sara to see Secret Window, GREAT MOVIE RIGHT THERE FOLKS! WOOHOO! Yea it was funny cause both ladies get scared easily, so it was fun listening to them scream and scower! :D im so twisted wooo! yea and then i went to sara's house, cause stupid me didnt have a ride home or my keys for my house, so i couldn't get in, cause no one was home... and so i played PS2 at Sara's house, which was a blast! We watched the scary parts of The Ring, eeeeack, that movies crazy! Spaulding lost to Dover 6-0! SPAULDING SUCKS! UGH!


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