Entry: I'm at Sam's house! 3.18.2004

I'm at Samantha's house :) and we're havin lots of fun!!! We're gonna watch Bin Laden get bombed later on tonite! WOO HOO HE SUCKS!  ( Everyone should know that i've decided that i like sam, and its cool like that! ) HER DAD COLLECTS SWORDS AND KNIVES! Her whole family is off the hook! 8-) Syracuse won today, their moving on! Wake Forest won today, their also moving on! But mah team, the St. Joes, won by a landslide! :-)  We are having so much fun :-)  Her mom is cool! She likes pretty smelling incense that are purple and pink!! WOO HOO! OFF THE HOOK!  Samantha got leighed by her mom ( the hawiian leighs ppl! Get ur mind outa the gutters! :-x ) We're gonna get goin and hang out some more :-) ( tom's busted nuts! ewwww )


June 15, 2004   03:13 PM PDT
Even if he does like the Sam Kelly just like my brother..... :(
June 15, 2004   03:11 PM PDT
Real brave of you to leave a comment without a name. Doug is cool so dont say that stuff. He's wicked good at hockey too. He plows over me and everyone else! He's way better than a lot of people I know.
May 28, 2004   10:29 PM PDT
yo NAME! who the heck do you think you are. you haev the guts to put someone down. and make fun of them. and critisize them and yet....and yet not leave your name...real big of you. and just to let you know..what you have done here is agaisnt the law. doug dont listen to yellow bellies like that dork. we who know YOU love you doug. for you. we who are your friends. doug we love you. dont change and DONT let silly yellow bellied little wanna be punks like 'name' here get to you.

April 10, 2004   09:52 AM PDT
woaaaaa whoever the hell u r? ur not cooool, hes prob just playin around if u kno him , hes like that...wutever tho, guess us hud grow up?! u must be one of those people that think ur hott shit ,wutever i guess dissen ppl just makes u feel better bout urself?..and U CANT EVEN STATE UR NAME?...how old r we?
March 26, 2004   04:44 PM PST
Hey in you sub you need to stop acting black cuz we all know you are not black. and u do not have an accent, im sorry every one says New Hampshire.not nu hampsha. seriously you need to grow up and learn what they do to ppl like you. ya they want to beat you all up because u act all ghetto and your not. and YOU ARE NOT BLACK so stop acting like it ok. ok good get that down u Christin lover!!!

and plz just admit that ur fuckin gay ass homo:):)

and ya stop telling people that you are 16 cuz we all know u are 15 ok so stop actin black and stop lying!!!

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