Entry: Last Nite 5.23.2004

So last nite ashley cole came ova! we had a blast! :) We watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( scariest movie EVER ) and we ordered some Domino's! So we had soda and pizza! :-) then after the movie we went outside and set off some smokebombs! it was fun, but i burnt both thumbs twice! :-p after, we went inside and watched homefries ( weird movie ) and then we watched some of the Flyers v Lightning Game 7, WOO! LIGHTNING WON! :-) Then we finished the night wish some Premium Blend on comedy central! :-) WOO GO US ASHLEY! :-) havin a great weekend so far! hope everyone else is too!


May 23, 2004   02:18 PM PDT
i had fun! <3

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