Entry: Cynthia 6.5.2004

I've been thinkin alot about this special someone, her name is cynthia downs, she's a sophomore, and an AMAZING person, she is smart, humerous, nice, caring, and ABSOLUTELY beautiful... :-/ and she's also, NOT SINGLE, she has a b/f, but im hoping that ill get my chance... well neways, here's a poem i wrote for her...



  Dear Cynthia



What passions come deep in my soul

When I look at you my heart beats…

Every time you make a move

I can’t stand but think

How Graceful                                                                                     

How Amazing

How Beautiful

How Angelic

You are…   

I feel                                                                                                         

This passion for you

That makes me want to jump

Like a massage of the heart

I love every moment

Spent with you

A second lost seems to be

An endless day

What words I speak

Come straight from my heart

I want you to realize

How much life you put into me

I WANT you to WANT me

I NEED you to NEED me

One thing I want

Is for you to be in my arms

And love me like I love you

But some prayers may be

Left Unseen


June 14, 2004   06:33 PM PDT
Awww, that's a really sweet poem!
June 8, 2004   07:40 PM PDT
June 7, 2004   07:21 PM PDT
June 7, 2004   03:50 PM PDT
aww thats reallypretty poem

doug i love yoU!

<3 Alyssa

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