Entry: Graduation 6.12.2004

Graduation, :-/ no fun, we played ( the and and chorus ) at the graduation, and now, i miss everyone, i'm never gonna see most of them again, i'm still here BECAUSE of them, they just made my day EVERY single day, and i'm really really gonna miss that, now its gonna be my turn to step up, im not the little guy nemore, im kinda scared, but i know ill do a great job, i just hope i can be a great leader for the band, i just hope that i even MAKE the cut for ass. drum major :-p, ( just a lil rachel albright humor there )  i love the heck outa some of those seniors, and nothings gonna bring 'em back :-/ idk wat to think nemore, it REALLY sucks losing someone you've gotten to know and love like this, some of them were like sisters to me, and some like brothers, so idk, im kinda confused, cause it feels like a piece of me is gone, and it sucks, it really sucks! Next year my sister leaves, and she's my all time best buddy, and idk if i wanna be here w/o her... i mean i know its not gonna be a year until she's gone, but this year went by SO fast, so i'm hoping, and expecting another fast year but im also hoping it'll go slow, so that i can spend more time with my sister, but hey, things like this are just a parta life! and im lovin it!

On a much softer note, i still have Cynthia stuck in my head, and i love it, its like a lift off my shoulders whenever i see her, it's like all my worries just, fly away into oblivion, and i can't wait until this summer, cause i am gonna make ABSOLUTELY sure that i spend some time with her, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, i just dont wanna see stockerish :-p cause that is NEVER good in a b/f, and that is wat i ultimately want to be to her, well neways... CYNTHIA IF YOU READ THIS JUST KNOW THAT YOU'RE IN MY HEART SWEETIE!


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