chick » hi
em2 » hi buddies
clownette » hey dougie, riss here... update fuccer! lol i'll talk to you later and we can talk about cool guys from Hot Topic
*GiMpY* » Hey Doug i just wanted to say hey I havent wrote in here for a yeah i had fun hanging out with u Chris Drew n Travis at ur house..and lightiing off firworks..we gotta hang out more! ttyl
Jenn » HI DOUG
~Em~ » we need to hang out more doug!!! you are sooo awesome and maybe we can get together soon, ill cya at gyg and we can talk!
~Em~ » he doug! you rock! you are so awesome man! we need to hang out more then we do, maybe get together or somethin! ok ttyl!!!
poeticxtragity » how do you get the music in the background?
blog cop » be more than happy to testify in court for him so its time to stop because if i have to use sn's to track ppl down i do know how to do it i am in law enforcement so i would stop the SHIT
blog cop » ok guys seriously leave doug alone he doesnt deserve any of the shit yall are givin him it is illegal and i am glad he is finally thinking about calling the police i have read all of this and i will
*LiL S* » that was mean dont ever say that agian jesse is cool
noonewantsme » OK u people are so annoying and u know wat this is supposed to be commenting on dougs blog! GOD U Guys are such idiots. Jesse go fuck ur mom!
*LiL S* » what you dont think that was me because it was doug
*LiL S* » ya that was me doug?
will » I know that wasnt sam that wrote that last one. She probobally did before. Sam actually didnt even write half the messages that says lil s
*LiL S* » o i no who it is hes pretty cool but kind of dumb at times but still cool
*LiL S* » Hey Doug..who the hell is this Jess kid that is pretending to be me?
kyle » wow this sucks
Noonewantsme » Wow guys isnt this supposed to be a place where we comment on Dougs blog and not bitch about him! Jesse why do u run ur mouth?
doug » Hmm, u r right, but i hafta deal with jesse EVERY day and i seriously cant handle it!
Hmm » I'll beat you up, no I'LL beat YOU up! Well I'LL call the cops! (please.. the cops? heh) Well my dad can beat up your dad!... Come on you two, grow up
Hmm » I'm getting a bigger kick out of reading this tagboard than anything else! You know what's so great about internet fighting? It doesn't matter who wins, you're both still morons!
doug » pick one, cause im sick of ur shit
doug » or u could just shut ur fuckin face and i could do NOTHING
doug » ya know jesse, i could just call the cops on you and show them the shit u say about me in my blog, and i CAN prove it, trust me, i know how, or, u could keep pushin it and i could kick ur ass?
Jetty » ya know jesse, i could just call the cops on you and show them the shit u say about me in my blog, and i CAN prove it, trust me, i know how, or, u could keep pushin it and i could kick ur ass?
Jesse » NASTY
Alyssa » dude your not him so stop saying shit about him. and who cares what cool or not. i think its cool that he's being who he is. so shut your face. keep it to youself no want whats to hear it anyways
Jesse » doug your so gay and thats so nasty and not cool
Jesse » yeah doug you better watch what you say to me becasue ill knock that smile of your face and get a new hair cut!
*LiL S* » no doug its really me samantha i just think you should leave jesse alone becaues he seems really nice
Doug » and i htink u can cut the LiL S act, cause im not stupid, i know its u
Doug » jesse, honestly since when have i EVER cared wat u think?
Jesse » doug you and your hair can go fuck off becasue your hair cut looks so dumb
*LiL S* » doug leave him alone
Doug » jesse if u can beat me up then do it fucker
*LiL S* » wow doug is a fag
Jesse » wow doug your a fag i dident write that haha and i could beat you up its not to hard there bud so fuck off
The Red Nipples » Hey man, thanks for checkin us out, have a good one,
Jesse » okay doug, im sorry, i dont mean anything by wat i say, its just i was taught different, and u ARE right, i couldnt beat u up, im a hell of alot smaller than you, and im, im sorry :-/
Doug » and u could never beat me up u fuckin cracker
Doug » jesse im not stupid, i know that lil s is you, and you seriously have no right to talk trash about u, cause u have NOTHING to back it up, so fuck off, or prove ur worth
Jesse » you doug what she said!
*LiL S* » doug jesse is hot leave him alone plus i think he could beat you up
Doug » y dont u just fuckin bring it in school jesse? or r u to pussy? u gonna bring ur friends and back u up?
*LiL S* » doug leave him alone hes hot
Jesse » iam not a fucker then buddy
Doug » jesse, you started this shit, y the fuck dont u end it? im not the stupid bitch here, i never started sayin all this shit about u, so fuck off u lil fucker
Jesse » yea you stupid bitch
*LiL S* » doug dont talk shit that you can not back up
Doug » hey jesse ever thought of takin those words from your mouth and puttin them to the test? wait no cause ur a fuckin lil bitch
jesse » yes he is
*LiL S* » hey doug your fucking dumb
Doug » hey jesse, good job but i know lil s is you, cause for the first box, it still says yup/ u fuckin dumbass
*LiL S* » dumb
lil s » this site sucks!
jesse » nasty
jesse » veery gay
jesse » wow gay
PFC Braley NHARNG » 1st amendment doesnt cover slander or harrasment
PFC Braley NHARNG » actually i am not wrong bob and steve i also work in law enforcement i knwo the laws on that tyvm you are out of line with your comments in here and it needs to STOP i tell you again it is illegal
Doug » thanks BRUCE, ur a great friend, i really appreciate all you've done for me!
SCRTPRSN » whoops clicked to much
SCRTPRSN » Doug why do u walk home by yourself?
SCRTPRSN » Doug why do u walk home by yourself?
ashley » <3 i love you
Bob and Steve » SCRTPRSN is awesome!!
Bob and Steve » Ashley rocks!!
Bob and Steve » Die homosexual heathen! Cookies are good! Bruce is a buttplugger too!
SCRTPRSN » doug u need to cut your hair and steve your being really mean i know i said stuff but none of it was that mean
steve » shut up bruce
Bruce » and i love and respect that of you.
Bruce » garh i dislike this limit lol oh well anyway its been great doug playing baseball with ya and just being friends its been great doug.. im looking forward to band next year. youre a great person doug
Bruce » just isnt fair to doug. doug you're right we need to hang out some time. and dont let these two immature wanna be's get to you and neither should ashley. i know her. she played sax. a sweet girl doug
Bruce » SCRTPRSN ive got to say i found your question a bit out of least for where you placed it. it might have been alright if you were face to face with doug but to ask him that in a public veiwing
dougiep » music cant suck cock, they dont have mouths, so y dont u go fuck ur dad or something, and shut the fuck up, stay the HELL outa my blog
Bob and Steve » Oh and by the way, this music sux big cock - making it extremely homosexual!
Bob and Steve » Wrong - you're wrong! And just to prove that I have the freedom to say whatever it is I want here it goes KILL ALL FAGS!!
SCRTPRSN » the last thing i wrote was the end of the first thing
SCRTPRSN » have sex with them
SCRTPRSN » Doug Sweet I Love Tacos Too. Lol but i was wanderin have you ever done anything with another guy? BC if not how do u know ur gunna like it cuz you could think guys are hott but still not want to have
PFC Braley NHARNG » freedom of speech doesnt cover slander there are laws agains that and anyone who has half a brain knows that you cant say what yall have been saying
Bob and Steve » OH NO! Did you see that Steve? - They are gonna think about pressing charges against us if we keep calling him an assbandit! Arent't all you fags supposed to be in support of freedom of speech?!
PFC Braley NHARNG » because from what i am seeing some of the stuff ppl are saying is illegal for them to be saying
PFC Braley NHARNG » ok everyone leave doug the fuck alone it is not right that you are making him go to the point where he has to flip like he did doug i would seriosly consider criminal charges agains ppl now
Bob and Steve » Yeah that's the problem you pillowbiting fucker! So did you and Ashley shove dildos in each other's asses this weekend?
sarah » wow. What a blog! What music did ya have playing?
DougieP » woo hoo? wats wrong with how i talk? i dont talk stupid, the way i talk isnt wicked dumb, or retarded or gay, the way i talk is just, DOUG
Paula » Secretperson- Shhh Doug can say anything he'd like remember... it's his journal and hes LETTING us read it...
secretperson » Doug why do u right woo hoow so much its sumthing my 5 year old sister whould say grow up
will » why dont u just shut up?
kk » bob and steve are fags
will » yay me
Paula » Go Will... See your cool cause you dont care... yeah true friend right there yo...
will » even if he likes guys. i dont care
will » Doug is cool
Paula » they just cant handle a guy being happy with like who he is and other guys... and girls... And Secretperson your right Doug and Erik should hook up...
secretperson » doug maybe u and erik should hook up